Kids DIY Painted Stone Frog

kids painted stone frog

Just like Jason and I enjoy creating in our house and gardens our kids enjoy creating too.  They are constantly asking me to make things so today we created a stone frog.  This was a very simple, easy, and free craft to make…perfect for our family!!!

All you need to do is find 1 large and 4 small stone or rocks. Send the kids out to find these for a little break :).  Fortunately we have a lot if rocks in our garden.  I laid out a large oilcloth (an old sheet would work too) on our back deck because our 3 and 4 year old don’t exactly paint neatly :).  Get the smocks on so they are ready to paint!

DSC01223 DSC01225 DSC01228
Have the kids paint the rocks green!


After the green dried Audrey painted white circles with black dots on two of the little stones.


Then I glue gunned the eyes and feet on.

See how super easy this painted stone frog was to make!  Even a 3 and 4 year old can do it!

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