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  • Sharing our Farmhouse's summer garden tour along with a few blogging friends for an outdoor spaces blog hop. Stop by to see summer front porches, backyard spaces, herb gardens and poolside gardens for lots of summer gardening ideas! #summer #summergarden #otdoorspaces http://lehmanlane.net

    Summer Garden & Outdoor Spaces Hop for Summer Gardening Ideas

    Summer is the time of year when my garden is at it's absolute best.  The trees are covered with thick green leaves, our grass is cut short for the kiddos to run barefooted through, our porches and patios are full of cozy…

Home Tours

Welcome to Our House and Room Tours Page!  Keep scrolling down to see our how we fixed up the different houses we have lived in as well as how we decorate our farmhouse through the different seasons and our full room remodels. We are currently fixing up our old home which was once a tenants farmhouse of a former turkey farm.  We named our farmhouse Lehman lane after our very long driveway:).