DIY Christmas Card Holder

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I have been wanting to find a new way to display my Christmas Cards for years! Typically I hang them from string in front of the sliding  doors in my kitchen but on days when it’s really cold we close the shutter doors to keep the kitchen warmer and we can’t appreciate them.  The cards also get in the way of Jason’s head when he is going in and out to get more wood for the fireplaces.  So once Christmas is over most of the pictures and cards usually get put in a drawer in my desk because it’s too hard to throw them away but not anymore:-).

I love looking at Christmas card pictures of my friends and my family and I know how important Christmas cards are to people.  I have had more than one conversation with a girlfriend on how it’s hard to find the perfect picture or the perfect card.  It’s stressful!  I am not going to solve that problem today but I have an idea of where you can put your Christmas cards:-)!!!  TA DA,  A New Picture Christmas Card Holder:

How to Make a Christmas Picture Card Holder

Now before you start thinking I am not handy there is no way I can make this…Wait you can.  The hard part is the frame.  While I am sure most of you might not have the tools to make a frame like Jason did  maybe you have a big empty frame lying around the house or you can easily find a cheap one at a thrift store or online yard sale or craigslist. See I solved the hard part for you:).  So skip step 1 of the instructions and go straight to part 2.

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DIY How to make A Christmas Card Holder

1) Make the frame

We made ours 2ft by 3ft using scrap pine wood from the garage.  Jason wanted to find some old barn wood to make this out of but I was in a hurry (we had 3 Christmas cards already and nowhere to hang them ;)).

How to Make a Christmas Picture Card Holder

Jason used a Kreg Jig to secure the frame.  It allows you to create pocket holes very easily.  Great stocking stuffer for your handyman or woman ;).

How to Make a Christmas Picture Card Holder

How to Make a Christmas Picture Card Holder

2) Add the Chicken Wire

I picked up a 2ft x 20ft roll for $9 at Lowes ( I have extra if any local friends want to make this… I tried to explain to Jason that we could keep it for future chickens but he wasn’t buying it:)

-Just roll it out and Staple gun it to the back and cut off excess with some wire cutters

How to Make a Christmas Picture Card Holder

3) Hang it Up

How to Make a Christmas Picture Card Holder

To keep it festive I added a green wreath with some old Christmas balls I glued to it and used  clothes pins to hang the pictures on display.  I plan on keeping the cards up year round and maybe switching them out for family pictures or a different wreath as the seasons change.

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DIY Christmas Card Holder

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