Blogging Anniversary – Thoughts on My 1st Year

One Year Blog Anniversary

The month of May marked the one year anniversary of starting my blog, Lehman Lane.  First off I wanted to say thank to you guys for reading it!!!!  Wow!  When I asked Jason to help me set it up and I started writing my first posts I didn’t tell anyone about it.  I had wanted to start a blog for years but writing isn’t necessarily one of my “gifts” (my grammar is sometimes terrible ) and taking pictures doesn’t come natural either.  Ha!  Can you see why I decided to start one:)?  Jason and I do however love to fix up houses and I love doing crafty projects, gardening, decorating and cooking/baking good food.

One Year Blogging Anniversary

I wanted to write a few months of posts before telling anyone because I wanted to see if blogging was for “me” first.  I am not very tech savvy (this is probably an understatement:)… I knew nothing) and I wanted to see if I would want to write posts on a regular basis and be as excited about it as I was in the beginning.

One Year Blogiversary

By an accident of posting to our Facebook personal page instead of the Lehman Lane page we were setting up, everyone slowly found out. This was not the way I wanted everyone to hear about my blog because I hadn’t felt like it was ready to be seen yet but as they say the cats been long out of the bag now:).

One Year Blogiversary

I love sharing what we have been up to and I am learning a ton…not just about computers and blogging but photography too.  Pictures really matter to me and I am still not to the point where what I see with my eyes is the same as what is on screen but I am getting there.  I upgraded my IPhone from a four to a six in the winter and I amazed at how much better the pictures are.  Some day I hope to have a”real” camera but for now my phone will have to do:).  One fun thing that has come out of this journey is that I take a ton more pictures of our family as taking pictures has become more comfortable and I’ve become more confident with my photography skills.

One Year Blogiversary

While all the projects we are working on we would have done anyway it does take extra time to write the post, and take those pictures, and join in on link parties including co-hosting my own, and still spend time checking out what my blogging friends are up to.  Oh and then there is dinner and laundry for 6, homework, and carpool to kids sports games and gymnastics and church and taking Moose for long walks to tire him out:).  Blogging is just one more piece in the balancing act of “life” that I am trying to figure out.  I am sure most of you can relate:).

One Year Blogging Anniversary

But the flip side of that is the huge sense of accomplishment to see the progress we have made through the years and the recorded memories in photos and text of what we are up to!  All that being said thank you for reading and looking and commenting!  I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to share this piece of our life with you guys and it will be fun to see where God takes it.


(All the pictures in this post were taken by my very talented friend Judith Krasiniski.  I asked her to come take a more professional, pretty picture of me for my profile.   She came over for a little over an hour one week day last month and despite our combined 6 kids running rampant through my house she still managed to take some beautiful pictures.  Although I am sure she couldn’t have taken them quite as well without her overzealous photography assistant seen below :).  You can follow her on Instagram here.)

One Year Blogiversary

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  1. Congrats Tara on your one year blogiversary 🙂 I love your blog! I am not a writer either and still ed lots of improvement in the area of photography but oh well! You do awesome friend! xo

  2. Hi Tara! First I want to congratulate you on your first year blogging! Your space here on the net is very nice and I love your photos and home, both are beautiful. Thank you for the invitation to your blog linky party–I will do my best to be here to share. I have subscribed to your blog so I don’t miss it. 🙂

    Also, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. We are so blessed to be able to have found our “forever home” and we are planting and studying and working to make it all we would like for it to be once my husband retires. We are hoping that along with making this a working farm, we can sell some of what we breed, create and grow here, and have it paid off by the time he retires. We’ll see, but I have to say that we love our life here. May you feel the same way in your new, beautiful home. 🙂

    1. Wow Kristi that is incredibly sweet! Thank you so much for following along and for your kind words! We are truly happy here, it’s so good to hear you are too. That is rare these days:). I can’t wait to follow along the progress of your farm:). Take care, Tara

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