Incredible Antique Farmhouse Dresser Redo DIY with Spray Paint

Dresser with mirror -antique farmhouse dresser redo

I am back today to share the antique farmhouse dresser redo diy we did in my daughter’s room for less than $20 a dresser!  Sharing all the tips & tricks for how to give an antique dresser an easy makeover with spray paint including before & after pictures.

Antique Farmhouse Dresser Redo DIY

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Sharing the antique farmhouse dresser redo we did in my daughter's room for less than $20 a dresser!  I was so pleased with how this simple dresser redo turned out I knew I wanted to share with my Farmhouse friends.  #antiquedresser #furnituremakeover #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeoverdiy

Our 2 Antique Dressers in Need of a Makeover

My sister recently gave back some furniture we had lent her before she got married which included 2 beautiful old dressers.

Before - Antique farmhouse dresser

The beautiful antique bedroom set had been in Jason’s family for many years & the 2 dressers were the perfect size for Audrey’s room. 

The only problem was the dressers were in need of a major dresser redo.

before knob -Antique farmhouse dresser

The knobs were tarnished & the veneer had started to come off in a lot of places.

Instructions for a Vintage Dresser Redo

Attaching a Missing Piece of Trim

fixed - Antique farmhouse dresser

Jason somehow magically made matching trim for the missing piece of the dresser with the vanity.  

I know I say this a lot but my hubby is pretty amazing. 🙂

Sanding down the Dressers

After taking out the drawers I sanded the 2 dressers down with our orbitial sander. 

This is the same sander we have used for the last 12+ years, DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander, 5″

Sanding Antique farmhouse dresser

Tip for How to Clean up Tarnished Knobs

A dresser redo will often require new hardware or giving your old dresser hardware a makeover as well.

For the tarnished knobs I turned to my blogging friends for cheap & easy solutions. 

A mixture of flour, vinegar, & salt bath did the trick. 

I placed the knobs face down overnight. 

An unbelievable amount of grime came off them after scrubbing them with a toothbrush in the morning!!! 

Warning, it doesn’t smell great so you may want to take the knobs outside instead sitting on your kitchen window like I did. 

cleaning tarnished knobs

I shined them up with a little brasso, Brasso Multipurpose Metal Polish-8 oz

The funny thing is that each knob turned out a little different & I am still not 100% sure what kind of metal they are.

Shiny knob Antique farmhouse dresser redo

Spray Paint for the Win on this Dresser Redo

We decided to spray paint the dressers the same color as our little girl’s 4 poster bed

Spray paint is so easy to do & for less than $20 of paint I was able to make over each dresser. 

With everyone using chalk paint these days I am always surprised more people are not using spray paint. 

It almost seems like using spray paint is my little secret. 🙂   

Be sure to use the spray paint outside because it does smell but for no brush strokes, it’s perfect!

Spray painting a drawer - antique farmhouse dresser redo
Come check out this gorgeous antique farmhouse dresser redo I did for less than $20!

The spray paint we used is made by Valspar with a primer built in. 

You can find the brand of paint we used here, Valspar 410-85026 SP Encounter Satin Premium Enamel Spray Paint  

*Unfortunately, Amazon did not have the specific color we used when I wrote this post but I still added the link because it’s really good paint*  The color is secluded garden and we found it at Lowes. 

I absolutely love it for my little girl’s room & her dresser redo.

Tall dresser - antique farmhouse dresser redo

It looks beautiful against her pale pink walls.  We did add a coat of polyurethane to help protect the furniture.

Come check out this gorgeous antique farmhouse dresser redo I did for less than $20! #atticbedroomideasangledceilings
dresser with mirror - antique farmhouse dresser

It drives me a little crazy that you can see the unfinished walls in her mirror.

Dresser with mirror -antique farmhouse dresser redo

I tried really hard to have the wall painted before I shared the dresser but life got busy. 

We are renovating our old farmhouse & have a lot of projects going on & with all my kiddos home it just didn’t happen. 

I hope to share more of her room when we are finally done!

antique farmhouse dresser redo tall dresser

How pretty are these vintage dresser legs?!!!

Closeup leg - antique farmhouse dresser redo

She loves her new dresser redo & they bring so much extra storage to her room.

antique farmhouse dresser redo - drawers

The mirrored dresser is so pretty. 

I would have loved vintage dresser redone like this as a little girl.

She has enjoyed adding her special treasures to the tops of each one and I love the look of hydrangeas on them.

antique farmhouse dresser redo hydrangeas in blue ball jar

Thanks so much for checking out my daughter’s antique dresser redo. 

I hope inspires you & answers all your questions on how to give a piece of antique furniture a makeover with spray paint.

by Tara Lehman

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  1. Wow Tara I love it. I never would have guessed you used spray paint, it has such a nice finish and such a pretty color. Your daughter must be very happy it looks beautiful in her room!

  2. Beautiful dressers, Tara! I was surprised to see a girl’s room. I did not know you had a daughter.! Must have only caught boys’ room reveals. 🙂 The room looks lovely!

    1. Ha! Thanks Cynthia! Yes, I have definitely been sharing a lot of our boys rooms lately :). Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  3. Stunning! Great renovation of chest hardware! Fascinating process! Audrey is one lucky little gal to have such talented parents!!??☺️ ~Kristin

    1. Thank you so much Stacy! I was definitely skeptical of the flour, salt and vinegar combo working but I am convinced now 🙂

  4. Your daughter has such a pretty room and the dressers look perfect. I am surprised that spray paint gave these pieces such a beautiful look. You certainly saved a lot of time with that method.

    1. Thanks Paula! This spray paint really is the best we have found and I love that it doesn’t take long to refinish furniture this way 🙂

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